Presentation titles (in order of speakers)
NB: to ensure that we have ample time for discussion, participants will speak for 7-10 minutes (10 minutes will be the absolute maximum).

1. Carlos Alonso Nugent, Yale Univ.
“To Be Alone In Nature: Private Journals, Public Essays, and the Fantasy of Eco-Solitude”

2. Jason D. Gladstone, Univ. of Colorado Boulder
“Environmental Technics: Earthworks Art (c. 1969)”

3. Karen Elizabeth Bishop, Rutgers Univ.
“The Kairotic Space of Memory: The Tejas Verdes Torture Center Repurposed in the Natural World”

4. Zach Horton, Univ. of Pittsburgh
“Sky Writing: Chemtrail Conspiracy Media as Toxic Cartography”

5. Alenda Chang, Univ. of California, Santa Barbara
“On SpeedTrees and First-Person Walkers”

6. Kim Knight, Univ. of Texas, Dallas
“Infection Blocked! Deterritorializing the Viral”